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Mark mountain biking Oaxaca, Mexico on his Santa Cruz Hightower


Hero Dirt is a term for perfect velcro traction on a trail, but it's also about getting the best possible experience in a new place, living like a local, and seeing the world away from the cities and tourist traps.

Hero Dirt is born out of a sense that life is short. Adventures need to be taken, and life lived to the fullest. Our favorite way to express ourselves and see the world is from the seat of our mountain bikes.

We've ridden all over the world and want to take our friends to the best possible trails, see the best sights and celebrate riding, life and the cultural experiences only travel can provide.

Follow us to Hero Dirt.

Est. 2012



Hero Dirt  / [Heer-Oh Durt]


1. Earth or soil noted for nobility of character, that in the opinion of others, has special qualities and is regarded as ideal, making you feel like anything is possible

2. A well-rounded adventure, focused on finding the best singletrack trails available, while celebrating the cultures and habitat of our surroundings

Synonyms - Velcro, Brown Pow, Loam, Adventure


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