French Alps Mountain Bike Trip

The French Alps






Private Group trip September 2017, Scheduling trips for Summer 2018

We’ll pack sandwiches and get in as much riding as we can handle, before driving down the beautiful Sonoma Valley, a picturesque, world famous wine-growing region.
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Trail Companions mountain biking in the Sierra Norte Mountains of Oaxaca

Each day, We'll shuttle high into the mountains, where the pine needly and flowy singletrack trails elicit hoots and hollers as we rip down thousands of feet of descent.

Flowy Sierra Norte singletrack trails fr mountain biking tours
Etla, Mexico mountain bike enduro trails with shuttled rides

After 2 nights in the mountains, we shuttle to 10,000 ft to ride  a ridgeline flow trail, full of natural wallrides and optional ledges to drop. Coming out of the trees, the trail gets rocky and technical finishing with a fun river trail dropping us down to the valley floor and our return to civilization.

Llano Grande Mountain bike trail sign Oaxaca, Mexico tours

From the city, We'll shuttle into the mountains the last 2 days, riding the longest descent in Oaxaca (4,500 ft), among other trails used in the Mexico National Enduro Series before returning to the finer things.

We return each day to experience the culture of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, from the architecture, culture, to the artisanal Mezcal and fine dining available in the City Center.

UNESCO Heritage site Oaxaca City mountain bike tours
Oaxaca Mezcal